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Radiesse® reaches new milestone

What does
have in common with…?



Rio de Janeiro, hummingbirds, the Oktoberfest, and Radiesse® – they share more than just a number. They all tell stories of outstanding achievements. From the world’s most famous carnival and beer festival to a tiny bird putting all its might into crossing the Gulf of Mexico, Radiesse® adds its own account. Trusted by physicians and patients worldwide, 6 million Radiesse® syringes were shipped to date.

Radiesse® – a success story that keeps unfolding.


  • More than 10 years on the market
  • More than 200 clinical studies1 and scientific publications1
  • Clinical data on more than 5,000 patients1 in over 100 centres1
  • High patient satisfaction (90 % patient satisfaction after 12 months2)
  • As Best Filler of the Year 20133, Radiesse® is the preferred choice
    of many physicians across the globe



  • 1st and only FDA-approved* dermal filler for face and hands4
  • Trusted worldwide with more than 6 million syringes shipped!

* The FDA approval is valid for the US market only. Please ask your practitioner about the approved uses of Radiesse® in your country.
1 Data on request.

2 Moers-Carpi M, et al. Dermatol Surg. 2007 Dec; 33 Suppl 2:S144-51.
3 Awarded by the international jury of the first European beauty congress AMEC (Anti-Aging Medicine European Congress), 2013.
4 Radiesse® Instructions For Use for the dorsum of the hand, 2016.